Website Updates

The Institute’s Marketing and Communications and Information Technology Services teams have designed and built a new WordPress infrastructure for the Institute. This web presence launched March 5, 2020.

As part of this process we:

  • Conducted User Experience testing to learn what visitors to our sites are looking for and where they expect to find it.
  • Selected a new Content Management System that will provide a user-friendly experience for those creating and managing websites.
  • Selected a new web hosting service that is familiar with higher education institutions such as ours and can provide the needed services and support for our websites.
  • Designed a new accessible look and theme for our web presence that conveys our brand promise of providing real-life solutions.
  • Built the new theme with improved functionality, which provides a better experience for both the content managers and end users.
  • Developed training for content managers on accessibility on the web, writing for the web, using the appropriate voice and tone, and building pages.
  • Over the course of two years, transitioned more than 300 websites from SharePoint to WordPress.

Faculty/Staff Profiles

As part of our transition to WordPress, we are asking all UTIA employees to update their faculty/staff profiles for the new directory.


The sites listed below are examples of those that have been migrated from SharePoint to our new WordPress platform.

The sites listed below are those that have been created new in our WordPress platform.