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Email is one of the most common forms of our business day-to-day communication and presents an excellent opportunity to support the brand of the Institute and its units through the use of clear and consistent signature blocks.

Complete the form below to generate a signature using one of the six main logos for the Institute and its units. Using one of these logos in your signature is preferred because it helps promote the main brand architecture of UTIA. If you wish to use the version of the logo with your department/office/area attached to it, please be sure to size the logo appropriately. In this case, filling out the field for “Primary Unit” may not be necessary because it would be repeated in the logo.

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Signature with logo:

John Doe, BFA
Assistant Director
UT Extension Smith County
123 Main Street, Smithtown, TN 37123
865-974-1234 Office / 865-974-5678 Mobile / 865-974-9012 Fax |

Signature without logo:

Jane Doe
Extension Area Specialist III
Ag Research
UT Institute of Agriculture
100 Morgan Hall, 2621 Morgan Circle, Knoxville, TN 37996
865-974-1234 Office / 865-974-5678 Mobile / 865-974-9012 Fax |

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If you need to make a correction, make the change and click the “Create Email Signature” button to refresh the information.

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UT Institute of Agriculture



Two versions will be created once you fill out the information and click, “Create Email Signature.” One will have the logo and one will not. You may need to scroll back up the page to see your generated signature.


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